Stop Child Labor Abuse

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It’s a little cliche for kids that look like the Gosselin’s to be victims of child labor abuse, so I thought I’d make a PSA out of the title and banner picture. Since I’m so thoughtful and caring, I urge you to do your part to stop this evil. Just like Kate’s brother, Kevin Kreider and his wife. National Enquirer reports:

The Keystone state’s House Republican Policy Committee is holding hearings today in Horsham, a suburb of Philly, to investigate possible violation of the child labor laws and alleged abuse. While Jon & Kate Plus 8 was in production state labor officials investigated the show for possible abuse and violations of child labor laws. They have yet to release their findings…The Kreiders testified that the Gosselin kids were stripped of their privacy, emotionally manipulated and had most damning — their safety compromised all in the name of reality TV. According to the Kreiders, the children were overwhelmed with rooms overflowing with TV production gear with as many as three crew members present for 2-3 days at a time. Their privacy was so compromised, the Kreiders said, that the kids were taped during potty training with neither Jon nor Kate present for clips that were aired solely on the web. “The children were told it was Christmas Eve and Christmas morning when it wasn’t, so that the camera crew would capture genuine reactions,” Kreider testified. “They were only told the truth after the filming ended. They were told they did it for the show. “The children stated directly to us that they felt very confused and were upset over this event.”

The only question the judge should have at this point is what caliber handgun to shoot these two narcissistic and delusional assholes in the knees with, because it takes a special kind of asshole to use the kids you got from undeserved medical science as a money grab. But I don’t think they’ll be too traumatized about the Christmas thing. The date December 25th was picked to coincide with the pagan winter solstice festival of the Romans, so who they hell knows when Jesus was born. It might be today. I choose to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior J.C. on the day Nickelback finally breaks up.