Snooki Is A Murderer

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I know I said I would never have any of these Jersey Shore idiots on this site ever again, but the short, fat one killed somebody so….

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was criminally charged for selling booze to minors at a party at her house — a party that ended with the tragic drunk driving death of one of her classmates, has uncovered in a blockbuster exclusive. Snooki was one of three people charged in connection with the 2004 death of teenager Michael Truncali, a investigation revealed. The Marlboro High School senior died with a blood alcohol level of .18 — more than twice the legal limit — when he rolled his Mazda in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning after drinking for hours at Snooki’s house. Truncali had been drinking heavily in the basement of Snooki’s home before crashing his car on his way home. After a several month investigation, Snooki was charged with Prohibited Sale of Alcoholic Beverages, as authorities said she charged a fee for alcohol.

If you didn’t have enough reasons to hate this wannabe Italian bitch, I hope this helps. She looks like a koala dipped in hairspray and Juicy Couture and she she spends her free time charging underage kids to kill themselves. Awesome. If somebody wrapped this idiot in a tarp and stuffed her in a shopping cart then pushed her off a cliff, I may DVR that episode.