Michael Lohan Had A Heart Attack, Still Alive

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Hopefully it won’t take Lindsay until she’s 49 to have her first heart attack.TMZ reports:

Michael Lohan was taken to a hospital in New York after suffering chest pains that radiated to his arms. Kate says an EKG showed evidence of a heart attack. Kate says Michael is at St. Francis Hospital in Manhasset. She says Michael will undergo a “procedure” but wasn’t specific. Back on March 6, Michael suffered chest pains and was told by his doctor that he needed a heart catheterization.

Michael Lohan married Dina Lohan and his seed made Lindsay Lohan possible, so if anybody deserves to die a painful death, it’s this douchebag (check banner pic for further details). If we’re lucky, maybe this is some new reality show. Final Destination: New Jersey, for instance.