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I realize this has nothing to do with celebrities, but if you haven’t heard of Dr. Earl Bradley, I’ll gladly supply a chainsaw and a kill room if you’re interested.

Splash News

Popular pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley has been charged with sexually molesting 103 children at an office he had decked out with a merry-go-round and a ferris wheel, in Delaware, US. Evidence seized from the community medic’s practice and home has led state officials to believe he has carried out sickening attacks on scores of small children since 1998. Bradley, 56, has been charged by a grand jury with the molestation of 103 children. He is held at Vaughn Correction Center on $3 million bond. The disturbing accusations stem from incidents which allegedly took place at his Lewes, Delaware, practice called BayBees Pediatrics. He is accused of videotaping sex acts while the children’s parents were waiting in another room.

I pretend to hate a lot of people on this site, but if I ever saw this guy walking down the street my serrated Kershaw would try to find out if his aorta in fact runs the entire length of his torso. I guess I should know that already, but what am I a doctor?

When they go crazy, you’re supposed to go crazy, too. If somebody messes with my six year-old, I’m cutting a motherfucker’s head off. Then taking it to a bar and talk to it. A scotch and soda for me and get my friend here a beer. – Paul Mooney