Tiger Is A Freak

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Call-girl Loredana Jolie (this chickNSFW), one of Tiger’s parade of whores, is shopping a tell-all book

New York Post reports:

“He would engage in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the next morning. But he wasn’t a healthy guy. He couldn’t sleep and would stay up all night. I am not really sure rehab for sex addiction will help him,” Jolie told Page Six yesterday… “Tiger’s sexual fantasies were not normal,” the wannabe author says. “He likes role-playing, he likes to be the guy in control and wearing a suit while there are girls performing girl-on-girl and guys entertaining guys. By that, I mean they would dance for each other like girls would do for a man,” the would-be author claimed. “He’d have different girls all the time, entertaining, role play, fetishes, stuff like that . . . But he would only watch . . . He would also ask me to text him pictures of myself when we weren’t together.” Braun, who first revealed Loredana was one of Tiger’s favorite girls, told us, “The girls would tell me what went on with Tiger and I never heard of any men. He always asked for girls and liked threesomes. But I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. He had male friends, and I am sure they got involved.”

Really? That’s freaky? Am I missing something? Sorta like the Vietnamese prostitute in my hot tub who’s missing a head? Hey, it’s not my fault she couldn’t pronounce the safe word.