Brittany Murphy’s Husband Has Solved The Case

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A month after her untimely death, Brittany Murphy’s mother and husband, Simon Monjack, appeared on The Today Show to “set the record straight”. And I don’t know if they’re listening, but Monjack just told the whole world that Hollywood has the power to stop a 32-year old’s heart by not offering her a part in an animated sequel. You’ll pay for this Hollywood! Popeater reports:

Monjack claims Murphy suffered a lot of stress in her career after Warner Brothers pulled back on an original offer to let her do ‘Happy Feet 2’ after rumors surfaced that Murphy was fired from a film. “Hollywood broke her heart,” he said. “They have blood on their hands, and I hope they wash them with very hot water because of the way they treated Brittany Murphy while she was alive,” Monjack said. Monjack said he is also considering whether to sue the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Department over an initial report that was obtained by celebrity Web site, which listed several prescription medications found in Murphy’s home. Monjack claims most of the medicines were his but added Murphy took the anti-seizure medication klonopin and that she also occasionally took Sarafem, a drug aimed at pain and mood swings during menstrual periods. He also denied that Murphy ever used cocaine. “She had a fear of dying” because she had mitral valve prolapse, a common condition where a heart valve does not properly close. “She would not take too much caffeine. She wouldn’t even have a glass of champagne on New Year’s. She was just high on life, and people see that as something else I guess.”

If it wasn’t before, it’s safe to say that it’s obvious at this point that every drug in that house belonged to this tubby motherfucker. Her heart couldn’t go on because she couldn’t do a voice over for a penguin? Yeah, that sounds completely rational and sane. Be sure to read more about it in Monjack’s new book called “Goddamn, I’m So Fucking High Right Now.”