Of Course She Did

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Kate Gosselin is an insufferable bitch and a raving lunatic who throws a tantrum like a three-year old who got hit with a power line if she thinks for a minute the world doesn’t revolve around her, so what do you think she did when TLC dropped $7,000 to make her hair not look like a nurse in Mengele’s lab? I bet you’ll never guess!! Us Magazine reports:

Hair today, tears tomorrow? Kate Gosselin, 34, marked the new year by trading in her signature spiky bob for long, blonde locks in a process that took 20 hours of work and would normally cost $7,000 (hers was comped). Just one problem: “She hates it!” a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly. “She thinks her hair looks over­processed and damaged,” adds the insider. “She’s afraid people will think she’s one of Tiger Woods’ bimbos!” (In an online video posted Jan. 10, Gosselin looks in the mirror and says, “Oh, Lord have mercy… it’s weird.) Also not fans? Twins Cara and Mady, 9, who shrieked “Eww!” when they saw their made-over mom. “They started laughing,” says the source. “Kate ended up in her room crying.”

I mean this in the nicest way possible, fuck you bitch. You had eight half Korean kids through science now you’re making millions because you wrote a book about “God’s miracles”. Just because your uterus can staff a Korean buffet with busboys doesn’t mean you need to have your face on the dollar.