Kate Gosselin Is Frugal

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Kate Gosselin has worked hard to trick the world that she’s a victim who only wants best for her children, while in reality she’s an emasculating cunt who tries to destroy everything and anyone who dares get in the way of the fame that she so desperately craves. Her husband was either gonna cheat or blow his fuckin brains out, because you can see how having 8 kids through a science experiment and being treated like Cinderella when he didn’t mop the floor right could cause him to run away like a slave who figured out how to pick the lock. But according to the media, Kate Gosselin is now a struggling single mom who sacrifices everything for her precious little children. I guess that doesn’t include $7,000 haircuts. RadarOnline reports:

He also revealed that her hairstyle would cost almost $7,000 in his salons in Washington, DC, and New York City! “My haircuts are $950,” Ted revealed. “The color would have been about $500, and the extensions, which were great length extensions, would probably cost about $5000.” Kate was excited about getting a new look to start off the new year, but was a little nervous about changing her trademark bangs. “We were together for about 20 hours and I would say 15 of those hours were working on Kate trying to convince her to cut her bangs,” Ted joked. “I felt like she was hiding behind that front piece.” Despite the hesitation, he said the mother of eight “was really open to the entire process.” Ted summed up his vision for the TLC star: “I wanted to make sure I took her from being really ordinary to really extraordinary!” Ted even has a nickname for Kate’s old hair style. “The little short bits in the back, we called them her ‘attitude’ and getting rid of those took a long time!”

Kate Gosselin could find a mountain of gold or get attacked by a bear. I could really not give a shit which. I’ll just be content knowing that she’ll die alone in reality show that I’m sure she’ll pitch to TLC where corporate logos will be on her casket and bobble head dolls for the first 1,000 people to sign the guest book.

What a loving, caring mother: