Crossfit Is Paying Off

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Kelly Clarkson was on the cover of the September 2009 issue of Self Magazine where she said “My happy weight changes. Sometimes I eat more; sometimes I play more.” These days, the play part means golf (“I love it!”) as well as Crossfit workouts. “It’s like bootcamp!” she says of the regimen that includes sit-ups, squats and running. “You never work out more than 35 minutes, but it’s so intense … It makes me feel like G.I. Jane. It’s very empowering. I feel like I can whup ass!”. And you can totally tell it’s been working, because look at her last night at the AMAs. She looks amazing! Especially since I guess “whup ass” means “swallow a whole fudge baked turkey”. Jesus, you’d have to teleport with a fly to like sweets as much as this beast.