Somebody Give The Little Girl A Doll To Play With

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I have no problem with soulless tween music because I know that in a few years the 13-year olds who listen to this crap will discover weed and Pink Floyd, so Miley Cyrus and those three Jew brothers only have so much time before they’re performing for a cruise line or state fairs. But I draw the line when they think they have musical talent and play things on stage that they have no business playing. Specifically, Hannah Montana star Emily Osment (the “I see dead people” kid’s little sister) playing a cover of Radiohead’s High and Dry. Seriously bitch? I know you probably saw them on a shirt at Hot Topic, but if you can stick to singing about skateboards and the mall, that would be great. You playing Radiohead is like my cat playing chess.

Selena Gomez because she will be 18 soon and her parents won’t be able to keep us apart anymore because of their ignorance and lies she is also on Disney: