Nicolas Cage Is Great With Money

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Nicolas Cage owes $6 million in back taxes and last month he sued his former money manager because Cage said he was led “down a path of financial ruin”. And by “down a path of financial ruin”, I mean Cage was spending like a black guy who just won the lottery. Us Magazine reports:

Bad financial advice or not, Cage, 45, lived a super-sized life. While most of his possessions are now for sale, already sold or in foreclosure, the star once owned a staggering — and bizarre — array of, well, stuff. Among Cage’s many, many expenditures — as tabulated by New York magazine — were the following: One jet and two yachts. In 2007, he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinosaur skull, shelling out $276,000 for the artifact. His homes included three castles — plus two islands in the Bahamas. Among his “dozen or so” mansions, one Bel Air home, purchased in 1998, features a billiard room with a 1955 Jaguar parked inside plus an array of “shrunken heads.” Out of his 50 cars, the most Cage ever shelled out was $495,000 on Lamborghini — used. (Its former owner was the shah of Iran.) Obsessed with superheroes (he was once set to star in a Superman sequel), he sold his comics collection in 1997 for $1.6 million. While portraying an alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas (his Oscar-winning role) in 1995, he hired an “on set drinking-consultant-poet.”

Well of course it’s the money manager’s fault. How dare he try to stop Nicolas Cage from buying a dinosaur skull, three castles, and two private islands? People need that stuff. People said the island I bought to hunt homeless people on was frivolous and unnecessary, but I like to keep my overhead low. If they make it to safe zone within 24 hours, they get a Big Mac Extra Value Meal. Oh man, those guys love that stuff!!

The insanely hot cougar, Monica Bellucci, is in an upcoming movie with Nic Cage, so here she is in GQ. You really weren’t expecting pics of Nicolas Cage were you?