Brittany Murphy Is A Lunatic

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It’s no secret that everybody in Hollywood is insane, and Brittany Murphy (here, here, and here) doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned cops received a frantic 911 call around 2:30 this morning — from neighbors complaining about a screaming Brittany Murphy, who was wailing about shots fired outside her Hollywood pad. When LAPD arrived on the scene, they saw the panicked actress on her balcony, yelling about the alleged gun fire. No weapon, bullet or body was found — and after an investigation, the noise was discovered to be coming from a generator, which had been acting up due to the funky L.A. weather last night.

I have no idea how a generator starting up makes you think a serial killer is going on a murderous rampage, but then again, I’m not Brittany Murphy. I’m Batman!! Well, at least that what my Underoos say. I’m so brave!