Scientology Is Diabolical

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Last Thursday, ABC’s Nightline ran an investigative report that threw more fire on the burning corpse of Scientology, exposing the lunatics who believe that an intergalactic god named Xenu, with the help of psychiatrists, paralyzed billions of citizens of his overpopulated planet, captured their souls, then came to Earth in a DC-8 and threw them into a volcano (yes, they actually believe that). The report focused on the “church’s” insane mythology, their celebrity worshippers (Tom Cruise, Will Smith, John Travolta) and allegations that the cult’s leader David Miscavige beats and demoralizes staff. In an effort to bring rational and logical counterpoints to these arguments, Scientology rolled out their psychotic spokesman, Tommy Davis (actress Anne Archer’s son), to plead their case. How do you think it went? I know, I was shocked too!! Page Six reports:

After telling Bashir he wouldn’t discuss “disgusting perversions” of the religion, Davis, with the camera still rolling, removed his microphone and stormed off the set. The dust-up was included in the piece. But just 45 minutes before the segment was to air on Thursday, Davis showed up at ABC headquarters on West 67th Street and asked to speak to Bashir and the show’s executive producer about the interview. “He demanded to a security guard that he be let in,” a network insider told Page Six. “The guard called ‘Nightline’ staffers down to come deal with him. He was told as politely as possible that the piece was cut and in the can and could not be changed and that Martin would be unable to see him. He was then asked to leave.” Adds our source, “He was not happy.”

I’m not going to go into the sheer madness that is Scientology, because you can read all about that yourself, but at this point, you’d have better luck joining a religion based on Go Diego Go! or my three-legged cat’s dreams.

Watch parts 1 & 2 of Nightline’s investigative report on Scientology below:

Famous Scientologists being objectified:

Erika Christensen:

Leah Remini:

Jenna Elfman: