Meghan McCain Is An Outrage

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Meghan McCain, writer and daughter of 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain, posted this picture of herself on Twitter, and apparently she got a lot of people telling her she was a slut. Really? A slut? I know a lot of sluts, and jacking up your boobs in a tank top is about 200 pages into the slut manual. This may be the coffee talking, and this may go against everything I believe in, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call the sister fat. What’s a nigga gonna do she’s Samoan? No, I meant she’s a blonde chick with huge tits who wouldn’t look right if she lost 25 pounds. Some chicks carry it well, some don’t. I’m not gonna lie, she could have snakes for hair and lasers for hands and I’d probably hit it at least once. Whatever. Who are we kidding? I’ve had worse.