Jon Gosselin Is Whiny

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Although he didn’t mind it for the last two years that he was making money off filming every aspect of his science experiment kid’s lives, Jon Gosselin has hired lawyers to stop TLC’s Kate Plus Eight from doing it now. Douchebag, party of one.

Us Weekly reports:

Through his attorney, Mark J. Heller, Jon, 32, has written two letters to TLC lawyers. In the letters — dated Sept. 29 — Gosselin demands the network cease and desist production and leave his property, according to The Insider. On Thursday morning, he even posted a sign outside his family’s $1.1 million estate in Wernersville, Pa. It read: “Notice: no film crew or production staff from TLC is permitted on this property under penalty of trespass.” In one of the letters, Jon’s attorney writes: “Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon’s family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers.”

Yeah, so long story short, his ass got fired and Kate wouldn’t take him back, so now he’s throwing a hissy fit like some girl whose dress doesn’t fit for his My Super Sweet Sixteen. I defended this idiot for a while, but I’m not even halfway joking when I say I hope he gets raped by a bear trap. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but I didn’t know actually thinking to put on Ed Hardy in 2009 was possible either, so whatever.

UPDATE: It worked….

Hey, look! Gemma Atkinson! How did she get in here?! Oh, that Gemma! She’s so sneaky!