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Since jobless, half-Korean douchebags don’t have any bitter, scorned white women in their fan clubs, Jon Gosselin has been basically fired from the show about his life. Jon & Kate Plus Eight has now been officially renamed to Kate Plus Eight. Us Magazine reports:

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s 10-year marriage has ended. And so has their TLC reality show. Sort of. TLC announced on Tuesday that the show will be renamed Kate Plus Eight, beginning Nov. 2. It will continue to focus on the lives of the young Gosselin twins, 8, and 5-year-old sextuplets but with a deeper focus on Kate’s role as a single mother. “Given the recent changes in the family dynamics, it only makes sense for us to refresh and recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family,” TLC president Eileen O’Neill said in a statement. “The family has evolved and we are attempting to evolve with it; we feel that Kate’s journey really resonates with our viewers.” She added that the network is in development on a Kate project for 2010.

Eh, this was bound to happen sooner or later. He’s an idiot and she’s a mind-controlling bitch, so the kids were gonna lose either way. It’s was either gonna be 30 minutes of Dad in his Ed Hardy shirt taking Propecia and texting his girlfriend while she decorates for prom or 30 minutes of Mom having a psychotic break if the labels on the cans aren’t facing the same direction. So, please. It’s not like any of this is good news. When asked for comment, Jon Gosselin’s mother said, “Oh dat silly Paddlefoot! He funny silly dog! Him think totem pole ah-live!!”

Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard. You know, the dude she’s been banging: