The Guy On The Right Is Coming For You Kanye

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Everyone in the world hates Kanye West today, but if I was Kanye, I’d be a little worried about the guy who played “Wolf” on American Gladiators. He’s supposedly a “pretty big name in the rodeo circuit” so of course he likes country music. And Taylor Swift. Kanye West? Not a fan. In an open letter to TMZ he writes:

“Hey this is Hollywood Yates or WOLF from American Gladiators.

Just thought Kanye might want to know I hang with alot of the Country Artist and I will bump into him somewhere… HARD and several times!!! He is an ass and needs taken down, maybe Criss B can be there too. School is about to open and lessons about to be taught!

Ya’ll Take care! Hollywood/WOLF”

I’d probably want to see if my mom could find a good Montessori school to bus me to if I was Kanye, because this guy’s school seems like it might be a little dangerous. But I blame white people for all this. Seriously, would it have killed you to pick your own cotton?

Note: Calm down, it’s a joke. My grandfather cried when he saw people littering on the street so chill out.