Jon and Kate Plus Hate

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You might want to sit down for this, but in his first public interview (his 2,456 behind Kate) Jon Gosselin says he can’t stand the bitch. Oh, I know! What a shock! Us Magazine reports:

I can’t sit on the sofa with that woman,” he says in the interview, which was posted online Tuesday. “I can’t sit on someone right now that I despise.” He accuses Kate, 34, of “feeding into the frenzy” by appearing on magazine covers bashing him. In a recent People interview, she joked that Jon must have been abducted by aliens when asked to explain how he transformed from a computer technician into a club-hopping jet-setter. “I despise [her] because she’s not speaking from the heart,” Jon tells ABC News’ Chris Cuomo. “Please — the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV.” (In a statement to ABC News, Kate says: “While I certainly have a very different perception of how our marriage dissolved, for the sake of my children I maintain that I’m not going to go into details of aspects I believe should remain private.”) Jon also slams Kate for claiming she still wears her wedding ring because she doesn’t want to “upset” their eight children. Says Jon, “I think she still wears the ring for public perception. I don’t wear my ring because she took my ring. I don’t have it. “I don’t have the ring,” he continues. “I laid it down one night. It was gone. Who else would take it? I checked all the — underneath my kids’ pillows. That’s where everything ends up in the house anyway. So it wasn’t there.”

Jon Gosselin was treated like a stray dog that shit on the carpet in his own house on a TV show that was broadcast around the world while his wife was banging her bodyguard, so it’s hard to imagine where all this hate comes from. I guess some guys have a lot to learn about being in a relationship.