Kate Gosselin Is The Devil

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Dear God today sucks, so I’m stuck with posting stuff about Kate Gosselin that any reasonable and logical person already knows is true. But for some reason a lot of women sympathize with this demon, so I hope this helps you get the hell over that. Us Magazine reports:

The new issue of Us Weekly reports that Jon & Kate mom Kate Gosselin — known for being short with her husband, Jon Gosselin — is even more combative with her family and employees. Baby nurse Angela Krall, who watched the sextuplets as infants for more than a year, tells Us that the short-fused Kate fired 40 nurses and nurse’s aides in the three months before she was hired. A 2005 Associated Press story reported that a pre-TV Gosselin had petitioned the state to extend payments for Krall, whose fees were first paid by Medicaid (Jon was unemployed; Medicaid provides limited assistance to premature babies). “Kate Gosselin said she feels society has a responsibility to help with the children, since modern medicine promotes the use of fertility drugs, which can lead to multiple births,” the AP reported. While Kate praised Krall in the same story, Krall reveals that Kate posted “demeaning” signs in every room detailing rules, and fired one woman on the spot for washing her hands in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. “Kate flipped,” says Krall. “She thought it was cross-contamination.” That level of perfectionism also tore her apart from her father, Kenton Kreider, a pastor, after he gave her cribs donated by his parishioners. “They didn’t match and Kate rejected them,” says a family source. “Things like that caused a rift.” Krall, who says all six babies ended up with matching cribs, tells Us Kate “thought they were owed stuff. The money factor was huge.”

I guess I could spend ten minutes going on a rant about the many ways this bitch can go fuck herself, but really, does it matter at this point? Every person that comes in contact with this psycho says the exact same thing. Her husband, her employees, her friends, and her family. I would never hit a woman, but this chick is how Lifetime Movies get made. But some might say, “Todd, what about those Thai prostitutes?” Well, that was different. I paid extra for that.

Her Hitler hairdo is making me feel ill: