Michael Jackson’s Burial Is Postponed

Because sixty days apparently isn’t enough time to bury somebody, Joe Jackson says his son’s burial has been postponed two days. TMZ reports:

Michael Jackson’s burial is being postponed two days, according to his dad. Joe Jackson tells TMZ the burial has been pushed to August 31, because there are things the family needs to get in order before Michael is laid to rest. Jackson was scheduled to be buried on August 29, what would have been his 51st birthday.

Even though I have no issue calling Michael Jackson a drug-addict child molester, you’d think his father would at least show his own kid some dignity after his death that he never showed him in life. He’s dead. Time to let it go. I’m mean, it’s not like it would be hard. He’s probably a puddle of anesthesia and hair relaxer by now. It’s not like drain cleaner is that expensive.