Christian Bale Is A Good Actor, Insane

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Say what you want about Christian Bale, but when the guy takes a role, he takes the role. In his lastest film, The Fighter, Bale plays a crackhead boxer named Dicky Eklund. Guess what he did. People reports:

Known for his uncanny ability to re-sculpt his body for his movie roles, the Welsh-born actor, who just last month looked handsome and healthy, has gone to extremes to portray fighter Dicky Eklund, opposite Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams. “I will adjust to what is needed. But only if I have quite an obsession for the role,” Bale told PEOPLE in 2005.Bale revealed he relied on a diet of apples, coffee and cigarettes for his role as insomniac, Trevor Reznik, in The Machinist. The actor lost 63 pounds for the film, which was a third of body weight. Five months after that weight-defying role, Bale switched gears and bulked up for his superhero turn as Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. A feat that put a lot of pressure on his body – both physically and emotionally. “I think that putting weight on – unfortunately I had to put it on pretty fast and it’s not really healthy doing that – is when I felt bad. I put on 100 pounds in like five months,” Bale said at the time. “You get big mood swings and everything with it.”

The banner picture is one of the first pictures released from the set, and as you can see, he looks like hell. He looked like this for The Machinist, and other than Daniel Day-Lewis, Bale is the only actor working today who will go to any lengths to portray a character. If Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston got a role playing a cancer patient, they’d probably read a pamphlet or the warning on a cigarette pack. Christian Bale would actually dig up Farrah Fawcett and smoke her.