Mel Gibson Is A Violent Criminal

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Mel Gibson was at a club with his pregnant girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, last night when he violently attacked a photographer who was trying to take his picture. Only except he didn’t. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us the man who filed a battery claim against Mel Gibson is making the story up and no criminal charges will be pursued. We’re told after interviewing the man — who claims Gibson tore his shirt after he attempted to take a picture of the star at Playhouse in Hollywood — cops believe it was impossible for Gibson to have even made contact with him. They tell us Gibson was wedged in a booth with his pregnant girlfriend and couldn’t have grabbed the guy’s shirt. We’re told the “victim” was asked to walk away at least 3 times before the alleged incident. Security told him no photography was allowed in the club, but he persisted. Cops say witnesses tell the same story — the guy is making up allegations of battery. No one saw his shirt ripped when he left the club. Cops say it’s a civil matter at best, and they don’t expect to even interview Gibson.

So basically this douchebag tried to take a picture, he got asked to leave three times and when he didn’t, security threw his ass out and ripped his shirt then he threw a hissy fit and went crying to the police. You got your shirt ripped, jackass. Get over it. Be glad it wasn’t worse. Because if my pregnant girlfriend was sitting at a table and you tried this shit, then only person you’d be crying to would be a nurse. Because I’d assume your morphine drip was running low.