Madonna Can’t Be Bothered

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Hey, remember that time Madonna cried on stage after two people got killed and eight people were placed in critical condition when a rigging collapsed while they were constructing Madonna’s set then she went to the hospital to visit them and said she would do anything to help? Yeah, apparently that doesn’t involve cooperating with the authorities. The Sun reports:

MADONNA has refused to co-operate with officials probing a stadium collapse tragedy, it was claimed last night. Two technicians, including a Brit, died last week when a temporary roof at the home ground of Marseilles FC, France, fell on 50 workers before one of her gigs. A French newspaper said Madonna, 50, had “declined” to be interviewed by investigators. Magistrates say she is an important witness as she has a £60million contract with Live Nation, which was organising the concert.

Well, of course Madonna wouldn’t condescend to talk to the police after her show killed two people and critically injured eight more. Why should she? She’s Madonna. Besides, it would be difficult to go into a police station on the thing Xerses rode on surrounded by twenty Malaysian boys in mascara and bejeweled thongs feeding her grapes as the six Bengal tigers with diamonds on their claws lie at her feet as she shouts orders to sacrifice another virgin. “Get her you insolent fools!”, Madonna would say, “Bring her to me so I may taste her blood on thine lips!” You know, or something like that.