Madonna Is A Murderer

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Two men were killed and eight other were injured (one is in critical condition) after a stage collapsed and lighting rig fell on workers constructing the set for Madonna’s concert at Velodrome stadium in the French city of Marseille. Daily Mail reports:

Madonna, currently on the Italian leg of her Sticky and Sweet tour, told an audience at the Fruili Stadium, in Udine, northern Italy, that she was ‘devastated’. She added: ‘I ask you for a moment to stop and think of the people who have lost their lives, we need to appreciate life, the people we love and our families.’ At least eight others were injured in the collapse, including an American who is critical. Four had multiple injuries, including fractures, and three were lightly injured by falling rubble. Some 39 others were suffering from shock and needed treatment for trauma. The dead men are believed to have been hit by lighting due to be suspended above the temporary stage. Police have already launched a criminal inquiry into the accident. Jascques Dallest, the Marseille Prosecutor, confirmed that charges could include those of manslaughter and involuntary injuries. A source close to the investigation said one of four cranes being used to put the roof in place ‘appeared to be faulty’. Madonna, 50, was due to perform to a sell-out crowd in Marseille on Sunday. The concert has been cancelled.

I’m sure the families of these victims are honored that Madonna took two minutes out of her show to acknowledge their deaths. I’m sure it makes them feel better. Because knowing someone you loved died so Madonna could put on a strap on and pretend to have anal sex with a black transvestite in a gold thong and a horse mask isn’t it’s own reward.

Here’s Madonna crying on stage. Also included, mindless Madonna fans applauding and cheering at the sad news: