1912 – 2009

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It’s CELEBRITY DEATH WEEK!!! here on IDLYITW, and it just keeps getting worse because Oscar and Emmy winner Karl Malden died in his Los Angeles home today of natural causes. A steelworker before getting roles on Broadway, Malden starred in some of the most influential and classic films of all time such A Streetcar Named Desire and On The Waterfront before playing Detective Lt. Mike Stone on the 70’s ABC drama, The Streets of San Francisco. Although I will always remember him as the father and grandfather of killer Capt. Jeffrey MacDonald’s wife and children in Fatal Vision (The murders happened ten minutes from future me’s house). So long, Karl. You had a run most of us would love to have. R.I.P.

Note: This has nothing to do with Karl Malden or dying, but I’d like to wish someone special a happy 28th birthday. You know who are. To everyone else, yeah I’m a sensitive pussy, get over it.

Since I’m posting Streetcar videos and I don’t want to get a threatening phone call from my mother, here’s Marlon Brando making Vivien Leigh’s panties wet: