$60K Per Month On Drugs, 40 Vicodin A Day

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As you probably already know, Michael Jackson took a lot of drugs. What do we now define as “a lot”? Hold on to your fucking hat. The Sun reports:

The ailing Thriller star was said to have consumed “mountains of medication” as he battled numerous disorders in the year leading up to his death. Many prescriptions were bought under the fictitious name Omar Adams. As well as the narcotic pain reliever Vicodin, 50-year-old Jacko gorged on other drugs like muscle relaxant Soma and sedative Xanax.…Family lawyer Brian Oxman told us yesterday: “Randy (Jacko’s brother) was due to be sent a copy of the autopsy yesterday, but the coroner’s office still haven’t sent it. “But the autopsy details from you are — as you can expect — unbelievably awful, horrifying reading. “The family response? ‘Oh My God’. That’s what they shouted. They kept saying, ‘Oh My God’. “They suspected the drugs were harming Michael — but not as badly as this. They are beside themselves, it’s truly, truly, awful. What is crucial to them is not the drug types Michael was taking, but the quantities he was taking them in. “This is a huge and major concern. During Michael’s court trial he was taking 40 Vicodin a day — and this may have even increased. “It’s an insane amount of drugs to be given — and to be taken.”

Jesus. 40 Vikes a freakin day?? I wouldn’t give the Cloverfield monster or the Kraken 40 Vicodin a day. The only reason you’d give somebody that much drugs in a day is if they were attacking Tokyo and Godzilla couldn’t be reached on his cell.