Victoria Beckham Got Her Boobs Deflated

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Tired of looking like a WAG (whatever the hell that means), Victoria Beckham underwent her third boob job last month to shrink her ridiculous looking 34DD bolt-ons to 34B’s. Mail Online reports:

The former singer-turned-fashion designer is believed to have had the procedure done last month. She saw a Los Angeles surgeon for her third boob job and had a set of implants removed to reduce her assets from a busty 34DD to a less obtrusive 34B. Victoria is now said to be recovering in France with husband David, 34, and their sons Brooklyn, ten, Romeo, six, and four-year-old Cruz. A source told The Sun: ‘Victoria has wanted her implants taken out for a while. ‘She felt that was part of her old WAG image – the big hair, big boobs and fake tan – and that she has moved on since those days. ‘She had the op three weeks ago and is very pleased with the results.

So to recap, Victoria Beckham was born a 34A, went to a 34D, then to a 34DD and now down to a 34B. I appreciate the fact that she keeps trying so hard, but when you look like something off Antz, it doesn’t really matter how your boobs look. Victoria Beckham is basically Miss Piggy with bulimia and a plastic surgery obsession. It’s amazing that she’s been able to hang on to David Beckham as long as she has. Sure, he sounds like a 10-year old 1896 paperboy when he talks, but he could walk in to a sorority house right now, and at worst, be the third prettiest one there. This is gonna sound way gayer than it should, but I’d probably let him hit it. Besides, who are we kidding? I’ve had worse.