IDLYITW Top 10 Posts Of All Time

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In July 2005, the always fantastic Jenny gave birth to this baby, and next month IDLYITW will turn 4. While we’re busy eating paste and pretending to read a book upside down so we can get accepted into pre-K, we’d like to ask all you guys who have been taking time out of your day to read us to choose what you think are IDLYITW’s top 10 posts of all time. Your girlfriend told me about your fear of commitment, so if I were you, I’d probably take this a little more seriously. Honestly, you don’t want me to end up fucking this, too.

All jokes(?) aside, please feel free to browse the archives and send us a list of what you think are the best. Seriously, we’d like to hear from you. You can send them to [email protected], leave them in the comment section, tweet us, or hit us on Facebook, and we’ll post the results on Monday. Thanks for reading, we appreciate it guys.