Kate Gosselin Is The Greatest Mom Ever

The fact that Kate Gosselin is a raging cunt who cares more about fame, money and hair appointments than her kids or her marriage isn’t really a big secret to anyone, but in this clip before an interview with her Korean-American volleyball team, I swear to God Kate Gosselin is one step away from trying to steal souls. After her daughter Maddy is visibly crying because she’s thirsty, Kate asked someone of camera for a bottle of water. To give to Maddy, right? Um, no. She doesn’t. Please keep in mind, this is her own fucking daugther. Be sure to check out the part where Maddy says, “Youre so mean, you waved it right in front of my face.” Then see how Kate’s heart melts and gives her daughter a sip of water. Or, you know, whatever means the exact opposite of that. Maddy would have a better chance getting water if she was adopted by jackals.