Billy Bob’s Daughter Killed a Baby

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Billy Bob Thorton’s estranged daughter, Amanda Brumfield, has been charged with child neglect of a 1-year old girl she was babysitting who died of a subdural hematoma caused by a skull fracture and blunt trauma. Brumfield says the child fell out of her playpen, but the police determined that the 1-year didn’t have any mutant powers that would allow her to scale the walls of a playpen and jump out. TMZ reports:

Brumfield told police that after the baby had fallen, she discovered her tongue bleeding, so Brumfield cleaned it with a paper towel. She then says she began playing with the child, feeding her bananas and fruit snacks, and said she was “happy” and playful. Brumfield then said she laid the child on the couch next to her and fell asleep. She says was awoken sometime later by the phone and decided to take the child back to the playpen. When she lifted her, Brumfield told cops she discovered her body was limp. According to police, the call for help didn’t come until two and a half hours after the original fall. Brumfield is Thornton’s child with his first wife, Melissa Gatlin.

Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m an asshole, so I laugh at pretty much anything, but hitting a defenseless child because you don’t know how to control your temper tantrums makes me want to Hulk out. This chick hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet, but I’m just going to assume she is. In that case, I’m also going to assume that a sledgehammer or an anvil might open her mind up to the thought of a revolutionary new medical theory called “Don’t Hit Babies in the Fucking Head.”

Billy Bob was in this: