Tank Girl Got a DUI

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Lori Petty, an actress in such films as A League of Their Own and Point Break, was arrested yesterday morning for felony DUI after she hit a skateboarder with her car. 50 points!! TMZ reports:

The incident took place at around 9:00 PM in Venice, Calif. We’re told both Petty and the skateboarder suffered minor injuries, but neither was taken to the hospital. Petty was booked into jail at 1:21 AM on Sunday, and was posted $100,000 bail.

The leading cause of death in Hollywood is “actor”, so this kid better go home and hug his mom and volunteer at a rec center, because he’s lucky to be alive. Drunk actors kill more people than Great White sharks. In fact, I heard California was going to pass a law that if you want to walk down the street in L.A. you have to have been built by Skynet or be a terminally wounded cop who returns to the force as a powerful cyborg.