Wino’s St Lucia Gig Didn’t Go So Well

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What you’re seeing above is Amy Winehouse’s band helping her up off the stage after she fell off her big white high-heels. Depending on who you are asking, Amy Winehouse’s first concert of the year at St Lucia’s Jazz Festival was either rained out or she was boo’d off stage.

The “official” story is this:

British jazz soul diva Amy Winehouse had to abandon her first performance of the year because of heavy rain.

She was halfway through a set at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival on Friday when a torrential downpour hit the Caribbean island. She tried to soldier on, but the show was called off when the rain started to flood the stage wings, and sound equipment and lighting began to fail.

Winehouse was disappointed because she had hoped to repay the residents of St. Lucia, where she is now living, for their hospitality, her spokesman Chris Goodman said in a news release Saturday.

But, we all know poor Wino too well to know that the rain was the real reason, reports The Daily Mail:

Amy Winehouse may wish to return to the stage, but it seems the world isn’t quite ready for her yet.

The troubled singer was apparently forced to abandon a comeback gig in St Lucia after torrential rain hit the island last night.

However onlookers claim the real reason Amy left the stage was because the audience booed her shambolic performance.

After taking to stage at the St Lucia Jazz Festival in a tight-fitting blue dress and white high heels, it was reported that Amy, 25, appeared to struggle with her balance and stumbled through the lyrics of her songs.

When the crowd began to jeer, the Back to Black star is alleged to have shouted ‘**** you’ back to the audience at least twice before leaving the stage.

MailOnline reader Victor Phillips wrote: ‘I was there. She was booed off the stage.

‘If it was the rain why did the act after her perform?’

And Tracey, also writing from St Lucia, said: ‘Weather aside, it was not raining when Amy came on stage, it did rain heavily later in her set but that has not stopped previous performers here!’

I’m more inclined to believe that she told the audience to F88k themselves. That sounds like the Amy I know.