Kiefer Sutherland is Surrendering

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NY Daily News is reporting that Kiefer Sutherland will surrender to authorities this week to face minor assault charges for the incident that occurred at the Metropolitan Museum gala in which he headbutted fashion designer Jack McCollough for no apparent reason.

Sutherland will be charged with third-degree assault for the attack on designer Jack McCollough, sources said. The actor will be issued a desk appearance ticket for the misdemeanor – meaning he won’t be jailed and will be free to travel before he’s arraigned. “When the lawyer realized paparazzi could be sitting on his [Sutherland’s] doorstep for two to three weeks, suddenly he wanted to come in right away and make it all go away,” a police source said….”Kiefer is sorry it happened. Absolutely. It’s terribly regrettable,” the friend said. Still, the friend insisted Sutherland lashed out inside SubMercer because McCollough, a designer for Proenza Schouler, bumped into actress Brooke Shields and didn’t apologize. “Kiefer was provoked,” the friend said.

Eh, whatever. Look at pic #6, Jack McCollough looks fine to me. In the right light I guess that kinda looks like a scratch. Maybe it’s because I’m not a gay fashion designer, but I’m pretty sure I could get hurt worse than that by having a scary dream.