The Government is Sensitive

On the morning of April 27, the US Defense Department conducted an aerial photoshoot of Air Force One escorted by two F-16s over Battery Park City and up the Hudson River. Although it was coordinated with the FAA and 311/911 personnel, no Manhattan residents were informed. Anybody wanna take a guess what happened? Unadulterated panic in the streets. Because, I don’t know if you read about this anywhere (you might have), but back in 2001 two commercial airliners flew into The World Trade Center and killed 2,998 people and injured 6,291. Jesus. Why didn’t they just send some Ring Wraiths to fly around Manhattan instead? I’m almost positive they wouldn’t have scared the living shit out of people any less. A Boeing 747 flying to close to the ground in New York is like Mothra flying over Tokyo or my penis in a sorority house. It’ll be safe to say that sheer terror would be the general consensus.