BREAKING NEWS: Madonna is a Bitch

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Now permanently relocated in New York after her divorce from her England-based ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, Madonna has been shopping for a house in the Hamptons and recently visited a 100 acre, 12,000-square-foot, Tuscan-style villa at Wolffer Estate Vineyards in Sagaponack. But of course this story wouldn’t be complete without the part where Madonna thinks the world revolves her. Page Six reports:

Madonna then presented the estate with a 10-page list of demands, according to our source. Among the stipulations were that “no one could be in the riding ring at the same time she was. It was laughable. They turned her down flat.” Since then, Madonna has kept her horses at pal Steven Klein’s residence, where photographers snapped her when she fell from her horse three weeks ago.

My seething hatred for this narcissistic bitch and her asteroid sized ego is pretty well documented on this site, so I won’t get into how I think this cunt should get dropped into a velociraptor cage. God, I hate her. When I see her face, it’s like I’m one of the X-Men and my power is typing on the keyboard really hard. YOU HEAR THAT MADONNA?! I JUST BROKE THE M KEY! WHAT NOW BITCH?!