Jamie Lynn Spears’ Baby Daddy Will Be Okay

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Casey Aldridge, the Louisiana hillbilly who became famous by not pulling out of Jamie Lynn Spears when she was 16, was involved in a single car accident early yesterday morning when he flipped himself and three passengers in his F-250. Bad news is, he’ll be fine. TMZ reports:

We just spoke with a close family member/Baptist preacher who says Aldridge did not have surgery, but did suffer mild brain trauma. As we first reported, Casey and 3 other passengers were in a single car accident early this morning in Louisiana. His F-250 flipped over and Aldridge was airlifted for treatment. The family member said Aldridge suffered a “skull fracture around his hairline” and will be kept at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for 2-3 days for observation. Jamie Lynn Spears is at his bedside.

He got a Spears pregnant, so let’s not pretend that mild brain trauma would be anything more than redundant. But it’s good that he’s okay, though. Because Uncle Jesse just called and said Boss Hog and Rosco stole Farmer Ted’s new racing colt! And they plan to use it to get the blue ribbon at the Hazzard County Fair! Who’s gonna stop him? That sounds like a job for them ol’ Duke Boys! Yeee hawww!!