Bea Arthur Died.

From Reuters:

Emmy Award-winning actress Bea Arthur, best known as star of the hit TV comedies “Maude” and “Golden Girls,” has died at age 86, entertainment news websites reported on Saturday.

Arthur, a longtime stage actress whose comic timing and deadpan delivery were a perfect fit for her sharp-tongued roles on the two series, died of cancer at her Los Angeles home…

I imagine how you take this news depends on a few factors. One: if you are a man or a woman or a gay man. Two: if you are old enough to remember watching the Golden Girls and liking it. Three: how many times you’ve heard the Golden Girls theme song since this tragedy happened.

For me: Man with enough gay friends to hear a theme song about being a friend so many times that I now couldn’t care less that Bea Arthur was ever in the Golden Girls, which I didn’t watch anyway.

But 86 is a pretty good run.