Madonna Fell Off a Horse

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Madonna was taken to a New York hospital on Saturday where she treated for minor injuries and released after she fell off a horse at the South Hampton home of photographer Steven Klein. In related news, I just got a paper cut. Ouch, ouch! Mommy! Mommyyyyy!!!Us Magazine reports:.

“The accident occurred when the horse Madonna was riding was startled by paparazzi who jumped out of the bushes to photograph the singer, who was visiting friends on Eastern Long Island over the weekend,” Rosenberg said in a statement to “Madonna will be having further tests and will continue to remain under observation by doctors.”

This makes the second time Madonna has fallen off a horse and walked away (this first was in 2005). What’s the deal? Is her spinal cord made out of Bowflex weights? Why won’t that shit break? I mean, she looks like she’s in The Scorpion King’s army already, what is it going to take for this hag to go away? I swear, after they admitted here I bet they brought her a virgin then covered Madonna in soil from her homeland.