The Art Of The Spit Links

Started thinking of spit takes when I saw the Britney Spears stalker post. Another American Idol stalker? Pfffffffft! [Current]

The fashion question of the day is: How many Smurfs did Elle Macpherson have to kill to make that outfit? [LaineyGossip]

Drew Barrymore trying to look glamorous just draw attention to how she needs her teeth whitened. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]

Ashton Kutcher got a new hat. [FatBackMedia]

Dominoes would be much more fun if the game involved beer and not dominoes. That goes for most games. [CityRag]

If you would have asked me what would get Kate Moss to stop drinking, I would have said “death.” The answer, it turns out, is: “Fungus” [ICYDK]

Amy Winehouse is dating a waiter named Junior who is ironically huge looking. [ImNotObsessed]