More Like Zac What The Ef is Wrong WIth You

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See that video? You see how they portray our celebrity blogger-ness? As a whole bunch of giggly women who don’t watch Zac Efron movies but totally bitch about them anyway?

Well, outside of the woman thing, that’ basically correct. But I don’t need to watch Zac Efron movies to know the guy isn’t funny. I can watch last night’s Saturday Night Live or the star-filled, yet strangely completely unfunny Funny Or Die video about Zac Efron’s pool party.

Look, dude, you look good an Tween magazines and make boat loads of money, there’s just no reason that I should like you. Rephrase: Zac Efron has never done anything I’ve been remotely interested in, and the stuff that I do end up watching isn’t good.

Though Vanessa Hudgens is pretty attractive, and he keeps that chick in line. Look at her slink behind him on their way to the SNL afterparty at the Heartland Brewery.