Shawn Johnson’s Stalker Got a Ticket On The Way

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Robert O’Ryan, the lunatic who showed up at the set of Dancing With The Stars with duct tape and guns in his car to marry Olympic gymnast, Shawn Johnson, was stopped by Alabama police on his way to Los Angeles. Wanna take a guess what he told police? TMZ reports:

In surveillance video taken five days before he was arrested, Robert O’Ryan can be heard telling police, “I’m meeting with her. I’ve been communicating with her … Basically, I’m gonna try to get her to marry me.” O’Ryan also says all his conversations with Johnson have been “telepathic.” And after hearing all this crazy talk — the officer LET HIM GO! According to WKRG in Alabama, O’Ryan was given two traffic tickets: one for having no insurance and the other for an expired license plate.

Look, despite what my underwear tells you, I’m not Batman. But even I have enough detective skills to realize that this weirdo may not be the picture of mental health his statements suggested. Jesus, this dude is nuts. He could join Al Qaeda or the police could find the skins of dead children in his attic and that would be the best PR he’s had all year.

You can watch the police surveillance footage HERE

Shawn Johnson at the LA premiere of Hannah Montana The Movie. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to stalk this? Ooh la la:

Banner pic credit: TMZ