Madonna is Charitable

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Embroiled in another controversy over her decision to stealanother baby from Africa, questions are now being asked about the $3.7 million The Gucci Foundation and Madonna’s Kabbalah-backed Raising Malawi took in during their February 2008 fundraiser for the children of Malawi. Here’s a hint: It’s not in Malawi. FOXNews reports:

Now, fourteen months after the fundraiser, there’s no accounting for the money that came in. At the time, Gucci claimed that they’d underwritten the entire event, that $3.7 million had been raised and that it had been split between Raising Malawi and UNICEF. But since then, the Gucci Foundation has still not filed a Form 990 tax statement, and neither has Raising Malawi. Calls to Gucci haven’t provided any information, and calls and emails to Raising Malawi haven’t been returned. Where the money has gone — and the whole story of Raising Malawi — comes at an inconvenient time for Madonna. She’s currently back in Malawi trying to adopt yet another child, this time a four-year-old girl named Mercy. According to a well-reported story in London’s Daily Mail, the controversial pop star is getting a lot of criticism for trying to take Mercy away from her family. Madonna appeared at a hearing yesterday in Malawi to plead her case.

Just like the last time she “adopted” a baby from Malawi, Madonna is being called a “bully” and “a child kidnapper” by Malawian adoption officials and Mabvuto Bamusi, executive director of Malawi’s Human Rights Consultative Committee. (She took David Blanda by using her money and influence to manipulate and ignore the country’s standard two-year waiting period, and adopted David even though his biological father was alive and wanted him.) I realize Madonna thinks she’s God and that these uncivilized savages should be thankful for her generosity, but if I was a parent living in Malawi and I saw a wrinkled up whore get out of a private jet, I’d probably mark my front door with the blood of a spring lamb just in case.

Madonna and Lourdes in Malawi: