Playboy Launches

I know we usually bring you nude photos, but if you ever want to chase the vintage nude, old Playboys were always the way to go. You can find some at trashy thrift stores, and even others are considered “collectors” items.

Too bad the digital age has something to say about that:

Through a partnership between Microsoft and Bondi Digital Publishing, Playboy Enterprises has put 53 back issues of Playboy on the Web, viewable through Microsoft’s Silverlight viewer.

The images are free to access at, with no age verification required.

The issues cover the years 1954 through 2007, and appear as they did in the print version, with advertisements left intact. To do so, Bondi Digital Publishing – the software pioneers that developed the platform for The Complete New Yorker – scanned and re-typed each issue of Playboy, the company said in a statement.

“Playboy has an incredibly rich history and an intensely loyal readership,” said Hugh M. Hefner, Playboy founder, editor-in-chief and chief creative officer, in a statement. “This is the perfect opportunity to offer them something they have always wanted and also a great way to allow a whole new generation to easily explore the magazine.”

Instead of bringing you some censored nakedness, now you can blow what’s left of your weekend on vintage smut!