Slumdog Millionaire Parents Are Nice

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The always great Sun has pictures of 10-year old Slumdog Millionaire actor, Azharuddin Mohammed, being beaten by his father today after the boy refused to be put on display outside his family’s home in the Dharavi slum in Bandra, Mumbai.

Azharuddin, who had been given a day off school, was tired after his long haul flight from LA and prolonged hero’s welcome amid a media scrum yesterday. And when he refused to be put on display outside his home this afternoon, his father lashed out, kicking and slapping him round the face. His mother cried out for him to stop, but Ismail continued to dish out the physical punishment to the child-star. Azharuddin stood up to his dad, flaring the temper of 45-year-old Ismail, who launched himself at the lad shamelessly. Azharuddin yelped out as he tried to evade the older man’s flailing hands and feet. He dashed into the tent that makes up his family home, followed by his father, where the young Slumdog star tried to cower in the corner. Azharuddin grabbed his face in pain and then ran off to cry. “Azharruddin’s father was upset that he was asking to be left alone because he was tired,” said one shocked onlooker. “He didn’t attend school today so that he could recover from his long flight from LA and simply wanted all the attention to stop. “However, when Azharuddin put his foot down and said that was it and there was to be no more talking, Ismail just flipped.”

Wow, last week this kid was walking down the red carpet for the greatest Hollywood event of the year, and today he’s getting beat public in broad daylight by his own father. That’s sad. Also sad? Spell check suggesting “thudding” for this kid’s name. Quite frankly, I found that to be offensive.