Sean Penn Gets a Pass Today

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Words cannot describe how much of a pretentious douchebag Sean Penn is with his self-important, delusional ramblings about politics and his confusingly high sense of self -worth, but as it turns out, I hate Madonna more. Team Penn!

The Sun says:

BEST Actor winner Sean Penn sniped at ex-wife Madonna when they met at an after-show party. Madonna, 50, praised 48-year-old Penn’s winning performance in Milk. But Penn gestured at the singer’s new love, model Jesus Luz, 22, and said: “Thanks. Another kid already?”

Madonna looks like a wax mummy, so if she thought a 22-year old model standing next to her would make people think she’s still got it, sorry sweetie. It doesn’t. You’re green spray paint away from looking like you should be sending flying monkeys to capture Dorothy.

Sean Penn, Madonna, and Jesus Luz at the Oscars: