She Hasn’t Paid Her Mortgage in 10 Months

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Nadya Suleman gained national attention after she gave birth to octuplets with the help of assisted reproductive technology even though didn’t have a job and already had six children. Man, I wonder how she can afford it all? Oh, wait. Us Magazine reports:

The source says that the house is set to be auctioned off on March 5. The Whittier, Calif., residence is actually owned by Suleman’s mother, Angela, who has not paid the bungalow’s mortgage in 10 months. She owed more than $23,000 in back payments. Suleman and her 14 children do not have a plan for where they will live once the house is gone, the source tells Us.

She’s not technically a celebrity, but unless you’re Noah’s wife, any chick that wants 14 kids clearly wants to be. I’m only half joking when I say that I wish the bank bulldozes this house to the ground. Then hopefully, the California government will step in and take these kids away from the this crazy bitch. They can at least give Jennifer Aniston one. Then she won’t have to DVR Noggin for her cats or wonder why her Baby Alive doll doesn’t like the outfit that she bought. It’s pink ponies!

No real reason for the Sarah Jessica Parker pictures other than the fact that this is probably the first time that they can’t be worse than the banner picture.

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