Cameron Douglas is Living The Dream

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Star Magazine is reporting that despite an $88 million trust fund, Cameron Douglas, son of actor Michael Douglas, has been evicted from his house for failing to pay rent. So, what did he leave behind? Memories? No, not so much.

….Cameron Douglas has been given the boot from his leased home in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon. Classic signs of drug use were discovered in the home vacated by Cameron and his roommate, including glassine envelopes and home drug-testing kits, spoons used to heat a substance over the stove and filthy syringes and mirrors covered in white powder. “A lot of drug activity must have been going on in there,” says landlord Sky Reiss tells Star in an exclusive interview. Cam — who at 30 has been in an out of rehab and has multiple arrests for cocaine possession, among things — moved in last March. When he stopped making rent payments, his famous father picked up the $4,200-a-month tab for “a couple of months,” says Reiss. “But then his payments stopped too.” So earlier this month an L.A. Sheriff arrived with an eviction notice. “Cameron and his roommate ran out the back door, leaving Cam’s girlfriend behind to deal with it,” says Reiss. And Reiss was left to deal with the “disgusting mess.”

It’s unclear whether being thrown into a lion pit would teach this idiot any responsibility, but hey, somebody needs to try something. Worse case scenario the lions might get high.