Christian Bale is a Hero

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The audio of Christian Bale absolutely losing it on Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut during the filming of Terminator Salvation, caused public outcry last week with many people calling for boycotts of all Bale’s movies because of his treatment of the poor, defenseless Hurlbut. Oops. Radar Online says:

Bale became a hero to cast and crew after his tirade against Hurlbut, who was widely despised, sources tell exclusively. “Hurlbut was a condescending (bleep) to everyone,” a source told us. His favorite line was “Why don’t you go stab yourself in the head, you idiot.” Maybe Bale’s not such a bad guy after all.

Well. So instead of this being about a pampered actor throwing a temper tantrum on set, it’s about some asshole that everybody hated getting beasted in front of the entire crew. And as it turns out, he deserved it. Based on that quote, I’m surprised Bale wasn’t allowed to carry this guy’s head on a pike or make one of those NBA posters where he’s dunking on him.