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Chloe Sevigny obviously doesn’t know how to properly tie a toga, but who is going to hold it against her? Not me, not until I can think of Chloe Sevigny without thinking of the blow job she really gave Vincent Gallo in that movie of his; Brown Bunny. Because if you’re going to have a movie where Big Love’s hottest wife actually goes down on the actor/director why would you name your film “Brown Bunny.” That sounds like a pet name for what I make in the bathroom. Why mix that imagery?

Maybe it would be fully explained if I actually watched the whole thing, but I didn’t because the Brown Bunny DVD costs as much as a monthly membership to Mr. Skin, so why stress myself with plot?

Anyway, Chloe was out pimping her new and third season of Big Love on HBO, and decided to wear a pillow case.