Courtney Love is Lucid

If you’ve never experienced the sheer lunacy that is a Courtney Love MySpace blog, today is your lucky day. I didn’t even bother picking a good section to post because it’s all rambling nonsense, so I just closed my eyes and pasted whatever I Ianded on. Happy reading!

look at 1446 boradway purchased with a 2 million washington mutial loan but a 300,000,000 dollar building and whose assets were bet in this wamu loan to my “ex gollum slimebaglizard ” live in schizophrenic anti social sociopath? and Melissa Bricklin Mccourt his coked out mistress toosexy a word for such gruesome ugly people, they lay my daighters Irrevicable Trust of Frances Cobain and the Estate of Kurt Cobain FEINS tax id numbers plus all the filthy money into developements as assetts into the prucase of this 257.00 sqaure foot times square monstrosity, so ” keeping up with the guy who defended and fleeeced OJ simpson too s sad assed family is really hardly worth discussing its strikes me as the LAPDS problem, and my mortgage fraud strikes me as not only New York NJ GA TX and PA and CT problems, its very very much a California problem

You can read the rest of this long-winded insanity here, but I’m really not sure why you would. Because it’s pretty obvious you’d have an easier time reading alien hieroglyphics.